Apple’s new MacBook Pro marks the company’s leap into expanding its custom Silicon chip portfolio. The new M1 Pro and M1 Max are not only Apple’s most powerful and fastest processors ever on a MacBook, but they also outshine Intel processors. Besides, there are other big improvements that Apple’s top-end MacBook Pro has received, including a 120Hz notched mini-LED display. Apple is now reportedly planning to bring the 120Hz display to its 27-inch iMac with next year’s upgrade.

According to display analyst Ross Young, Apple will launch a new 27-inch iMac in the first quarter of 2022 and it will feature a 120Hz mini-LED display, much like the one on the MacBook Pro. Young has a good track record when it comes to Apple-related leaks. He was the only person who suggested the new MacBook Pro would feature a high 120Hz refresh rate on the display ahead of the launch, and his prediction turned out to be true. That gives us a reason to go by Young’s words about the iMac.

In a previous report, Bloomberg hinted that Apple was developing a new 27-inch iMac but it pushed back its launch to prioritise the 24-inch iMac earlier this year. The 27-inch iMac was expected to be out sometime in 2022, but there is not much we know about this high-end workstation by Apple. Since Apple is gradually transitioning its entire Mac lineup from Intel processors to its custom Apple Silicon chips, the next 27-inch iMac is very much going to feature an M1 variant next year.

Bloomberg recently reported that Apple is now developing an upgraded M1 Max processor that has a 40-core CPU and a 128-core GPU. That insane level of performance may be reserved for the next Mac Pro, but who knows if Apple brings this processor to the 27-inch iMac, too. Apple has set a timeline of two years to complete the transition and the new MacBook Pro marks one year into it. That would mean the rest of the Mac devices are likely to get Apple Silicon before the end of 2022.

The speculated 27-inch iMac will fill the void that the discontinuation of the iMac Pro left, so Apple going all-in on this iMac makes sense. A 120Hz mini-LED display is an important part of that idea, but whether or not there will be a notch on it is anyone’s guess. iMac’s displays have thicker bezels all around than on MacBook, so it is unlikely for the notch to reach the iMac, however.

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