AR Rahman has shared the latest update on Mani Ratnam’s most awaited magnum opus, Ponniyin Selvan. The composer has shared a video of the maverick filmmaker briefing the musicians on what kind of music he is looking at for a particular scene in the historical film.

In the video, which Rahman has captioned as “PS PS PS briefing from the master #manirathnam #ponniyinselvan”, one can see popular drummer Sivamani and his son Kumaran Sivamani keenly listening to Mani Ratnam.

The director says, “This big sound that’s raising, raising, raising and coming up. And, as it sits there, we see the emperor and the Ponniyin Selvan… Both of them coming. And so, the next, second wave of raise comes in and it reaches a big… and then the third wave comes in when the crown comes. Crown is brought and is about to be served. And when it reaches a peak, Ponniyin Selvan puts it…

“The sneak peek has excited fans as it showed a rare glimpse at how Mani Ratnam, whose films are known as much for their music as for their gorgeous visuals, collaborates with musicians to get the best sound for his movies.


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