Abu Bakr met Kavita Rani, fell in love, then killed her and chopped her into pieces in Bangladesh. The case has eerie similarities to the murder of Shraddha Walkar, who was strangled and chopped into 35 pieces by Aaftab Ameen Poonawala in Delhi on May 18.

On November 6, Abu Bakr did not turn up for work and was unreachable on phone. When the owner of the transport firm he worked for sent a person to Bakr’s rented house, it was locked from outside. As suspicion over Abu Bakr’s disappearance grew, the landlord informed police.

When police arrived and unlocked the door, they found the headless body of a woman in a box. Her head was kept separate, wrapped in polythene. Hands were missing. The victim was identified as Kavita Rani, daughter of Kalipad Bachar.

On November 7, police nabbed Abu Bakr along with his live-in partner Sapna. Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) officer said Abu Bakr and Sapna had been living together in a house in Gobarchaka Square area for the last four years.

Recently, Abu Bakr grew close to Kavita, then brutally killed her and chopped her into several pieces. They had only met five days before the murder.

On November 5, Abu Bakr invited Kavita to his rented house while Sapna was away at work. But an argument broke out between the two and Bakr, in a bout of anger, strangled her to death. He separated the head from the body, chopped off her hands and disposed of them in a drain. The head was kept wrapped in a polythene bag and the rest of the body was dumped into a box before he fled the scene.

The RAB official also revealed that the same night, Abu Bakr crossed the Rupsa river with his live-in partner Sapna and left for Dhaka. But after the recovery of Kavita Rani’s body from his rented house the next day, the police launched a search operation.

Police as well as RAB Intelligence traced the whereabouts of accused Abu Bakr on the night of November 6. He and Sapna were then arrested from the Chaurasta area under the Basan police station area of Ghazipur district. Police handed over the accused to the Sonadanga police station.

In custody, Abu Bakr confessed to the crime. The RAB recovered Kavita’s severed hands wrapped in polythene from a narrow spot in the Gobarchaka area of the city.


India today