The 9500 kg  bronze Ashoka pillar that is on top of the new parliament building in country’s capital is sculpted by Sunil Deore.  He  said that a replica of Sarnath Pillar is visible here. Some people have pointed about the angry look of the lions. But Sunil has stated that  it could be due to the difference in  perception . He is a pass out of Mumbai’s JJ school of  Arts and elaborate studies of the original has been done before starting the work. “ The images of the lions on the Ashoka Pillar are taken with parallel vision .If we view the original structure from the oblique vison , from the bottom lions will look angry “  he said.

The graphic designer if this project is Sushil, brother of sunil. He said that original Sarnath pillar is twenty times smaller than this. “It should ideally  be viewed from a distance of 1-2 kms for the full statue to seen in the right perspective. The facial expressions may feel different to the naked eye  from different angles , especially when there is a large –scale magnification, “  he said.  Before starting the work multiple levels of conversation took place and a 5 feet model was also presented by the team. The casting of the bronze sculpture took place in Jaipur under the supervision of Lakshman Vyas. The pillar was assembled on the top in three parts as base,middle and  facial  parts of the lion. It is at an elevation of 33metres the architects had to face the air pressure. “We were asked to work on war – footing as the project had to be accomplished in the quickest poissible time. We could complete the work in around 9 months” he said.


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