The black monkeys or apes that are seven in number have been rescued by Hailakandi police in Assam. This took place around 9 pm on Monday Nov 14 at Jamira police chowki. It was during a checking monkeys were rescued from inside a truck. It was in four boxes monkeys were hidden and kept. The truck’s destination is Meghalaya starting from Mizoram. Truck’s registration number was NL 01 AD 4984. Once the veterinary Doctor finished the medical check up , it was handed over to the forest department.  The driver of the truck Rakesh Dep has been arrested. The driver is being questioned by the police along with the person who accompanied him. This extinct species of monkeys is valued at several crores of rupees in the International market. As per Hailakandi forest department , the rescued animals will be sent to Guwahati Zoo. There is an increase in the number of rare and endangered species of animals being smuggled and sold. Even on October 19 , a similar incident took place. 13 exotic animals were rescued by Assam police. Guenon and Moor Macaques animals were smuggled. Cachar divisional forest officer (DFO) Tejas Mariswami said that most animals have been smuggled since they are not native to India. It was spotted in the Derby Tea Garden, which some locals saw it and informed the police.


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