A  recent tweet by Bangalore resident regarding tax has sparked a controversy . It’s imposed by government on both earnings and spendings.  Flipkart category manager named Sanchit had tweeted about his frustration  that he is left behind with only a small portion to spend on his needs as 30% of his income is gone to government as tax. With the remaining money he tried to buy some beverages wherein also he was hit with 28% tax. He is mentioned that more than 50% of his income is given away as tax inspite of working such long hours. Difficulties faced by salaried individuals were also highlighted. Even junk products like cream, choco – bar and sugar has also taxes imposed on it. After the break down he pointed out that 27.5% of the final cost of the choco bar is earned by the government through various taxes .  It consists of 18% GST on cream, sugar,cocoa and condensed milk. His tweets had received a lot of attention . Some people had his same opinions while others had  different views . The impact of middle class people to pay taxes has been highlighted.


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