Masters in Computer Application (MCA) course in the Gujarati language  has  been  offered  since 1994 . It is easier to understand the subject  , no need to take  much stress  if technical course is taught in their mother tongue.  A  survey conducted  by the  university revealed this  and they  became more sensitive towards the problems faced by the common people  when they go on in their mother tongue. The key point of National Education Policy 2020 is to provide students with technical education  in their mother tongue .  The above survey shows how it works when it comes into action. There have been 666 graduates so far of MCA in Gujarati language .  In the survey there were 322 participants .  Out of that 131 participants felt that Gujarati made them sensitive towards the problems of the common people. 211 people said in Gujarati practical application as well as grasping of theoretical concepts was better.  Better understanding  of the subjects is through Gujarati medium was told by 244 students. Reduction of mental stress is by writing exams in Gujarati  is the opinion of around 55 percent of the alumni.  At least one student from every batch of the programme participated in the survey. The only university in India to offer a MCA in student’s mother tongue is Gujarat Vidyapith  said  head of the Computer Science department at the university, Mr. Ajay Parikh. They have planned to introduce a Gujarati-medium Bachelors in Computer Administration (BCA) course in the 2022-23 academic session,  so it is for the assessment  the survey was conducted.


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