Authorities have confirmed fresh cases of bird flu in Allapuzha’s Kuttanad region in Kerala and rapid response teams have been formed for culling hens and ducks in affected areas.

The fresh cases were confirmed in the Thakazhy panchayath Kuttanad region in Alappuzha district after samples were sent to Bhopal’s National Institute of High Security Animal Disease after thousands of ducks raised by a farmer were found dead.

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Following this, rapid response teams were constituted by the animal husbandry to cull ducks and hens in the affected areas.

An order has been issued to cull ducks, hens, eggs, and other birds within one km area of the epicenter where the cases were detected.

A restriction on movement of ducks, hens, eggs, manure, and other fowls has been imposed around a 12 km radius of the epicenter to prevent further spread of the infection.

This is the second time bird flu was confirmed in Kerala this year.


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