There have been countless instances of people getting stone and soap bars instead of iPhones, they had ordered from Flipkart and other e-commerce platforms. If you thought stuff like this only happens in India, this Brazilian actor’s story will burst your bubble. An actor from Brazil ordered an Apple Watch 6 from an online shopping platform but did not get what he wanted. He got a stone instead.

As per Brazilian blogger Lo Bianco (via MacMagazine), Murilo Benício, a famous Brazilian actor, ordered a 44mm Apple Watch Series 6 online from the retailer Carrefour. His order arrived after 12 long days but even after such a long duration, he didn’t get the Apple Watch. After waiting for over 12 days, he got a stone in Apple Watch’s packaging.

The report reveals that the actor had paid around $530 (Rs 40,000 approximately) for the Apple Watch 6. However, when he opened the box, he was shell-shocked to find stone instead of the Apple Watch. The worst bit was when Benicio tried to get in touch with the company regarding the same, Carrefour refused to help the actor, as he complained after seven days of receiving the plan. Subsequently, the Brazilian actor sued the company, the 9To5Mac reported.

“The plaintiff, the famous actor, nationally known, the protagonist in several soap operas, could never imagine, even in the most dazzling script, such a dramatic outcome for a scene the moment to open the package sent by the defendant. Definitely not the grand finale that he would’ve hoped,” the lawsuit filed by Benicio read. The actor had demanded the company to return the money he had spent on the watch.

The 9to5Mac report later revealed that the actor made a deal with the company and Carrefour agreed to pay him around $1,500.

On a related note, Apple Watch 6, which was launched last year, was discontinued after Apple introduced the Apple Watch 7 in the market. The current line-up of Apple Watches includes Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3.


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