Bring Sasikala to Tamilnadu Prison : Subramanian Swamy:-

subramanian-swamy-350x185 (1)Subramanian swamy is one of the BJP’s Oldest leader, and he filed a case against “Honorable” former Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalitha and Temporary” General Secretary of AIADMK V.K.Sasikala, and he won the case and Sasikala along with two culprits were in their punishment on jail now.

He’s the main reason for Sasikala’s punishment now. His recent speeches on supporting Sasikala was so shocking, he said that Sasikala should become CM, and now he’s telling that “Bring Sasikala to TamilNadu prison”, and he’s telling that because safety measures for Sasikala, if Edapadi Palanisamy becomes CM by using his power he can bring Sasikala to Tamilnadu Prison, like this he tweeted on his twitter page.


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