G20 leaders summit in Delhi will have US President Joe Biden coming to India on September 7.  In  ‘The Beast’, the US Presidential Cadillac , Biden will travel when he is in Delhi. In Boeing C-17 Globemaster III it will be flown to India from US. Biden will have a 3 layer security during his India visit. The outer layer consist of Paramilitary force,  second layer would have commandos from India’s  special Protection group and secret service agents will comprise the third layer . ITC  Maurya Sheraton Hotel will host them . Background checks will be conducted for hotel staff. US President will stay in 14th floor and special access cards will be provided to those who enter that floor. To reach that  floor  a special lift will be installed . In the hotel around 400 rooms have been booked. “The Beast” is the official State car of the US President that will be flown to India in a large military transport aircraft. His bulletproof car is the world’s strongest and safest car that will be under the guard of  United States  Secret  service at all times.  To keep an eye on Delhi , Indian Army and  Helicopters of the Air Force  will continuously circle in sky. The Army and National Security Guard (NSG) commandos will be present on these helicopters. At many places Anti – Drone systems will be installed. In Delhi’s high rise buildings NSG and Army snipers will be deployed.


ctn author