The owner Cadbury has announced to reduce it’s chocolate bar sizes in multi pack without reduction in the prices , which made Choco lovers in a frustrated zone . Mondelez, which aims to introduce the change from next year, wants to keep popular products within multi-packs including Wispa, Twirl and Crunchie, below 200 calories each. they also added that the price will be same here but it up to individual retailers to fix prices in their region. this change is considered to be as a part of anti-obesity efforts to ensure “portion control”.

The consumer group reacted to this act of size reduction in chocolate as a “frustrating element” for consumer amid corona time by buying the reduced amount of chocolates in the same price without reduction . Louise Stigant, UK Managing Director at Mondelez International, said it was a strong sense of duty to protect the Cadbury brand. she also said that “We also recognize we must play our part in tackling obesity and are committed to doing so without compromising on consumer choice.


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