Career: Annual appraisal time? 5 tips that actually work

While it is common knowledge that your core skills, individual and team performance and future organisational plans play a pivotal role in your annual appraisals and salary hike, there are a few things that you can exhibit as an individual to hike your chances of a promotion or get a better rating than others:

1. Don’t be rigid about your role!
In the current economic environment, many organisations are hiring less people from outside and grooming their existing workforce to take on new roles. Based on the number of months or years you have spent in your current workplace, you can show willingness to take on a different role, either entirely or in addition to your present job role. This will surely make your company sit up and take notice.
For example, a product development resource can move to sales since he/she understands the company’s product line quite well. There are many such possibilities within every organisation. Don’t shy away from giving it a shot!
2. Up-skill regularly
While this is a no brainer, it is important to be aware of changes that are taking place in the industry. Technologies become obsolete every year and hence employees who are masters at an older technology or tool may be no longer relevant to the organisation. Keep an eye out for new technologies and learn them pro-actively. You stand a much better chance of becoming indispensable to your organisation.
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3. Learn about your company
No, that mandatory orientation session you were given during your initial days does not suffice. You have to actively figure out where the business is heading, what current priorities are and how your role can contribute to the overall growth of the business. An employee who is better aligned to the business is a more useful employee than one who believes in just finishing day-to-day tasks. What better time to understand your company than the appraisal season. Make that effort and be assured you are taken seriously.
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4. Show leadership skills
This is very important if you hope to get a promotion this year. While individual contributors are an asset to any organisation, people who have the skill to roll up their sleeves and get things done both as individuals and as part of a team (large or small) are better valued. Show that you can be a leader and you have a greater chance of getting promoted.
5. Accept feedback gracefully
Most organisations pay equal attention to your core skills as well as your inter-personal skills of interacting with peers and having a healthy connect with them. Keep honing these skills side-by-side and the first step towards that is to be a good listener and accept feedback – both positive and negative, with grace.

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