The army commanders and soldiers were emphasized to  remain in a state of operational preparedness of the highest order . On Monday this was told by the chief of defence staff ( CDS)  General  Anil Chauhan . It was his first visit there . “The CDS also laid a wreath at Naman Sthal, the war memorial of Naushera sector and paid his respects to the bravehearts, who laid down their lives in the service of the nation,” said Defence spokesman Lt Col Devender Anand. The current operational situation and security scenario was briefed to Gen Anil Chauhan by field commanders . Despite the weather conditions in the region , he reviewed the development of defence infrastructure and operational preparedness .  To carry the rich  tradition of courage and valour, Indian Army is required said Col.Anand . He addressed the troops. The need for operational preparedness of the highest  order is necessary. A great morale booster for the troops deployed on the frontlines in challenging conditions was a visit by the CDS said the spokesperson.


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