A power outage hit Manila airport in Philippines on New Year’s day, affecting 300 flights and leaving thousands stranded on Sunday. Nearly 300 domestic and international flights at the Manila airport in the Philippines were either delayed, canceled or diverted, causing misery for over 65,000 passengers, the Associated Press reported.

The chaos ensued when the Air Traffic Management Center, which oversees all flights in Philippine airspace, lost communication, radio, radar, and internet because of the power outage. Although there was a back-up power supply, it failed to supply enough power, CNN quoted an official as saying.

Photos and videos shared online showed massive crowds and long queues at several check-in counters. The air traffic system was restored and flights resumed in late afternoon.

Philippines officials have requested airlines to mount more flights to accommodate more passengers and normalcy is expected to return after 72 hours, a report said.

Filipino Senator Grace Poe has said an inquiry will be conducted to find out who is liable and how the outrage really happened.

“What a way to welcome the new year at our country’s airports,” Filipino Senator Grace Poe said in an official tweet on Monday. “We will conduct an inquiry to find out who is liable and how we can avoid this from happening again.”


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