As IPL 2020 is ought to takes place after a lot of confusion , CSK team faces really a tough times as their two team players including 11 supporting staffs tested positive for corona, they are under quarantined for further seven days as other teams have started their practice sessions. most shockingly Chennai Super Kings star Suresh Raina returned back to India from UAE on august 29, CSK management have also confirmed that he will not be available for this entire season. last two days the media rolled out that his uncle’s demise when robbers killed and injured their family as a reason for his sudden arrival. But ,Now it is claimed that there is a misunderstanding held between Raina and CSK management that Raina was unhappy with the hotel room he was assigned and wanted accommodation similar to that of CSK captain MS. Dhoni.

CSK head N. Srinivasan said that ” Cricketers are like prima donnas… like thta temperamental actors of the olden days. Chennai super kings have always been like a family and all senior players have learnt to co-exist, My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don’t force anyone to do anything…. sometimes success gets in to your head,”

HE also said ,” I spoke to MS. Dhoni and he has assured me that even if the numbers go up, there was nothing to worry. He spoke to the players through a Zoom call and asked them to remain safe. You really don’t know who is a passive carrier”. ” The season has not begun yet an draina will certainly realize what he is missing and certainly all the money ( salary of 11 crores ) he is going to lose,” Srinivasan said .

This controversy is not yet confirmed that this is a exact reason for his return, but the truth lies only between raina and CSK management .

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