According  to Tamilnadu Health department  , the 32nd mega vaccination exercise in the state is on a roll. As on Sunday 18.08 lakh people  were given  a  shot  against Covid – 19.  An  official release of the people  who got inoculated was told .  First dose was administered to  1,41,985 people ,  second dose  was given  to  5,49,164  people while   11,17,451 people received the precautionary booster dose .  A  returnee from Andhra  Pradesh  is  included  in  the Tamilnadu’s  number of new covid – 19 cases that’ been  reported .  The tally is  1,945 new cases .  New  infections have  dropped below 2,000 mark after few weeks  and  the overall  count  at  present  is  35,32,343 as  per  reports .  34,78,902 people  were  recovered  from virus in the last 24 hours .  The  medical  bulletin had issued a  statement regarding this.


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