A two-year-old girl survived with the bodies of her five family members for three days after they allegedly died by suicide at their Bengaluru home. But another nine-month-old infant starved to death. The two-year-old was finally rescued on Friday and the shocking details of the deaths emerged as H Shankar returned to his home after five days and realised his family had met a tragic end, police said. Only his granddaughter was alive.

“We found out that there were five bodies inside the house. A baby was found alive…. we don’t know the reason behind the deaths. We have rescued the child,” police officer Sanjiv M Patil said, adding that the “bodies had started decomposing by the time they were found”.

H Shankar, police have been told, left the house in a fit of rage five days back after a domestic tussle. He apparently had an argument with his daughter who had left her in-laws to stay with them, police were told.

After several of his phone calls to the family were left unanswered, Mr Shankar returned to his home and found his wife (50) and 27-year-old son and two daughters in their late thirties hanging by the ceiling wall.

His nine-month-old grandson also died allegedly due to starvation, the police said, citing the preliminary investigation.

The two-year-old girl miraculously survived and was sent to the hospital for a medical check-up, they said.

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