China’s  State media on Sunday  reported casualities of the flashfloods . Half a dozen people are dead  and thousands of people have been badly  affected in South West and North West China . CGTN – a state owned  news outlet reported that  atleast 6 people have died and another 12 persons whereabouts are missing. It’s due to the massive flashfloods emergence in Southwestern province and Sichuan .  Evacuation process output  is 1300 people on Saturday . Another state broadcasting CCTV reported  that there were six deaths in North western province  of  Gansu and 3000 people have been evacuated .  The worst affected  areas  recorded as much   as 98.9 millimeters (3.9 inches) of rainfall in 1 ½ day.  It’s almost two times the July average .  In Shanghai  and eastern Zhejiang province  rains came amid a heat wave with temperatures almost touching as 42 degress Celsius. Recent climate changes have lead to extreme weather events.  More water can be stored in warmer air but when released it will lead to a bigger cloudburst . Already  China is  facing economic woes due to Zero  –  Covid  measures related to travel.  This flooding adds on to the current situation.


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