Taiwan believes that China, whose reaction to then US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island was anything but subtle, is searching for a political context to practise future attacks.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told The Guardian that China is “preparing to find another pretext for practising their future attack” on the island and the military threat is “getting more serious than ever”.

Since Nancy Pelosi visited the island, there has been a record increase in warplane incursions into Taiwan’s defence zone. China also dispatched warships and military aircraft to all sides of the island and fired ballistic missiles into the waters nearby.

According to experts, the range of exercises suggests that they have been long-planned and Pelosi’s visit simply provided Xi Jinping’s China with a political pretext. The same sentiment is being echoed by the government in Taiwan.

“And we are quite sure that the Chinese may want to use another pretext of practising their future attacks against Taiwan. So this is a military threat against Taiwan,” minister Wu was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

Taiwan also believes that not just military efforts, China is ramping up cyber attacks, sanctions and diplomatic efforts to completely isolate the island.

So far, China has been drawing lessons on its own military capabilities from the exercises, which more closely resembled what an actual strike on the island, claimed by Beijing as its own territory, would look like.

Under President Xi Jinping, China has been increasingly forceful in declaring that Taiwan must be brought under its control, by force if necessary, and US military officials have said that Beijing may seek a military solution within the next few years.

The US continues to insist it has not deviated from its “one-China” policy, recognising the government in Beijing while allowing for informal relations and defense ties with Taipei.


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