In a development that indicates that China is preparing the PLA for a long haul along the Line of Actual Control, the Chinese have started building permanent concrete structures for troops which will facilitate their quick movement of the border in a short span of time.

Top government sources have told India Today that Indian agencies have observed new military camps with concrete buildings near border areas.

One such camp has been spotted barely a few kilometres from the Naku La area in  North Sikkim sources added.

Similar buildings have been built in areas close to Indian territories opposite eastern Ladakh as well as Arunachal Pradesh, the sources said.

The road infrastructure along the Chinese side has been upgraded by their military in the last few years, which allows them to move swiftly towards the LAC in case of any such deployment.

With these permanent structures coming up in border areas, the Chinese capability to react to any situation has improved much more drastically, the sources said.

The Chinese soldiers have been facing issues with extreme winters in forward locations, but these concrete structures will allow the Chinese to deploy their troops closer to the Indian Territory and rush swiftly whenever required.

The new structures are being built with modern facilities and have been provided security with fortified constructions around them, the sources said.

Indian agencies are keeping an eye on these activities by the Chinese and assessments are being done in line with these developments.


India and China have been engaged in a military stand-off since April-May last year. The altercations between India and China troops started in Naku La area in Sikkim and multiple areas in the eastern sector of Ladakh along with Pangong Tso.

The Chinese army has faced extreme winters in the high altitude areas on the India-China boundary areas in Ladakh. They, however, have not retreated.

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