Odisha’s  Balasore train incident that recently took place had it’s own devastating effects on the migrant labourer’s families who had lost their lives in that journey .  Labourers boarded mainly from Shalimar in Howrah and also other districts of Bengal .  They had to travel to TamilNadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala for livelihood purpose.  288 people died and 1000 injured in the crash between  stationary goods train and Yashwantpur Express. In Kerala 25 year old Munshi Tudu is working and so he boarded that train. In a coffin his body returned home. Munshi’ s father Rubin Tudu said  “I have lost everything with my son now gone. We are daily wage earners. He went out of the state because there are no jobs here. We have no other income in this village. How will we live?”.  Three persons of a family who hailed from Sunderban district of Bengal were killed in the mishap. In Andhra Pradesh to work as daily wage workers they boarded the ill fated train . They have a mother, wives and little children. “My sons had come home to spend some time with the family. They worked as migrant labourers outside Bengal. How will the family live?” asked Subhadra Gayen, weeping profusely. “What will I do now? Where will I go now that he is gone?” asked Rekha Gayen, Nishikanta’s wife. 19 – year-old Haidar Sheikh from the Soro hospital  recalled the bad incident,  “We were going to Chennai to work at a hotel. We were in the general compartment. We heard a loud bang and it was all dark.”  After recovery he must  travel again to Chennai due to lack of jobs in Bengal. 35- year-old Robin Naiya is now admitted in Manipur medical hospital being unconscious. He was rescued by a person when he was above a pile of dead bodies asking for water.


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