The cryptocurrency market is trading in the red, with some exceptions, Wednesday morning after Bitcoin crashed 12 percent in the space of an hour on Tuesday. The crash came on the same day El Salvador accepted the coin as legal tender. Putting on a brave face though, the president of the country Nayib Bukele said the country is buying the dip. So far, Bitcoin has lost over 10 percent in 24 hours, after crossing $52,000 Tuesday morning All major currencies are following Bitcoin – Ether, the rival currency, is also down over 10 percent. Cardano, the third-largest currency by market cap, is down over 11 percent. XRP by Ripple has plunged over 17 percent, Dogecoin is down 15 percent, and Polkadot is down 16 percent. Solana, however, continues to rise – it is up about 3 percent in 24 hours and 60 percent in the last week. Here are the prices of the ten largest cryptocurrencies as of 8:00 am, data sourced from CoinMarketCap:



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