A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) employee at St. Louis in Missouri, US was shot by a customer after a dispute because the fast-food restaurant was out of corn. A local media reported that the shooting took place at around 6.30 pm on Monday.

According to the police, the incident happened when a man in his 40s was placing an order at the drive-thru when an employee told him the restaurant was out of corn.

The man then threatened the employee from the speaker box before pulling up to the drive-thru window with a handgun. The employee went out to talk with the driver. When the employee walked back into the restaurant, he had a gunshot wound.

The victim was taken to a hospital in a critical condition. The victim is now stable, said the police.

The suspect fled the scene after shooting the KFC employee. As per the police, the search operation to nab the suspect is underway.


India today