Shiv Sena  chief  Uddhav  Thackeray   after stepping down as the chief minister of Maharashtra, has given his first interview to mouthpiece of the party “Saamana” . He told that when he was hospitalised he was betrayed . It was a planned move. ” The coup was planned when I was in the hospital and could barely move. When my body wasn’t moving, their movements were at the peak,” Uddhav told Saamana. The reason for Sena vs Sena battle is the chief Minister Eknath Shinde who was joined By Shiv Sena MLAs . There were mpore than 2/3rd MLAs in June. Uddhav said, “Even if I have made him the CM, his ambitions are devilish.” He asked not to ask for votes in his father’s name to the Shinde faction. He said that his mistake was to trust him. “The rotten leaves should fall from the tree. The ones who got everything from the tree are leaving the tree itself,” he said, attacking the Shinde faction.

He added, “Those who left are the ones who got the maximum, but we will make extraordinary leaders out of ordinary people now…these are the people who want to swallow their mother (the ‘original’ Shiv Sena), but a mother is a mother after all.” He also attacked the BJP. Uddhay said that BJP which has made an alliance with the Shinde faction at  present would have  gained a lot of respect if it had agreed to his demands in 2019.  “What BJP did now, had they done it then (2019), then it would have happened with a lot of respect. The unity amongst Hindus is being targeted by some people  is his view.                                                                              


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