10th_nat_disabled_dayAs per the Indian Social Development Report (SDR) 2016,45 percent of all persons with disabilities in India are illiterate (PWD).Gender wise of PWD ,38%male are illiterate and 55%female are illiterate.  74% is the literacy rate of India.  The report also found for that “each category of disability, a greater proportion of women in that category are illiterate than men, with 76 per cent of women with multiple disabilities being illiterate.  ”Out of the 75 million children of primary school age who are school dropouts one third are disabled children.  It requires State government’s help to ensure availability of minimum support such as accommodation,assistive devices and transport for the disabled children to complete their schooling.  The report contained data collected from National Sample Survey (NSS), data-sets of the India Human Development Survey, and the National Family Health Survey, besides the new data from fresh empirical studies.  The PWD’s in India that’s reported may be an underestimate.  The World Bank had put the number at 4-8 per cent of the population.   Men formed 56 per cent of the PWDs, and 70 per cent of the disabled population was rural.  The largest number of PWD’s are movement disabled people followed by  hearing disabled  people  and visual impairment.  2 million children in the age group of 0-6 who were disabled are 9 percent against 20% of all disabled children.  The difference is due to the effectiveness of  the polio immunization program.TamilNadu ,Assam and Delhi had the lowest proportions of PWD as against  Sikkim,Odisha,Jammu and Kashmir and Lakshadweep that is on the higher side.  64% of PWD’s in India were non –workers.  The majority among the rest were employed as labourers.

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