When we upgrade to a new smartphone, what happens to our old one? Most of us hold on to our old tech and keep it in that junk drawer where we keep other retired gadgets that we aren’t probably going to ever use. And then, after some years, when we find our old phones lying around, we finally bid them goodbye and end up throwing them in a dustbin because they are of no use. These discarded phones then become electronic waste, which becomes harmful for our planet.

So, it’s time that you put your old phones to some good use or at least dispose of them in the right way. Here are six tried and tested ways that you must know.

1. Car camera

If your old phone has a working camera, then you can convert it into a dash camera. For that, download any dash camera app from the Play Store or App Store and install a phone holder in your car to mount your old phone. This can come in handy in road accidents or any uncertain situation where you might need the video recording.

2. Storage device

Another excellent way to repurpose your old phone is to use it as a storage device. Simply transfer your photos, videos, files or any other data to your old phone and use it as a portable drive.

3. Recycle

If your old phone is not in a working condition and cannot be used in any way, then instead of throwing it in a trash, send it for recycling on online websites such as, or All these websites offer door-to-door services to collect e-waste across India so that your old tech can be transported to recycling plants where some parts can be extracted for reuse or sustainably disposed of in an environment friendly way. And the best part, you can earn money and rewards in return for sending your old gadgets for recycling.

4. Exchange

You can also try exchanging your old phone for a new one on Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq or other e-commerce platforms. You will find many exchange offers and deals, especially during festive sales, so do check them out to save some money and dispose of your old phone.

5. Navigation device

Instead of draining the battery of your phone, use your old phone as a navigation device. Just mount your old phone on a phone holder in your car or bike and use Google Maps/ Apple Maps while driving.

6. Sell or donate

If you know someone who needs a phone, you can donate them your old phone instead of hanging on to it for years. You can also sell your old phone on online websites or offline markets to earn cash and buy yourself a brand new gadget.

Do share these tips with your friends and family to spread awareness about e-waste.


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