The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has issued an order to re-verify the SIM of subscribers holding beyond nine connections across India and six connections in the case of Jammu and Kashmir, North East and Assam and disconnect in the case of non-verification. The subscribers will be given the option to choose the connection they want to retain and deactivate the rest of the connections, according to the order issued on December 7. Subscribers will be given the option to choose the connection they want to retain and deactivate the rest of the connections, according to the order.

In case a subscriber turns up for verification and opts to surrender, transfer to disconnect mobile connections, the outgoing services including data services of the flagged mobile connections will be suspended whereas the incoming service shall be suspended within 45 days. If the subscriber does not turn up for re-verification, the flagged number will be deactivated within 60 days to be counted from December 7.

“If during the data analytics carried out by DoT, it is found that an individual subscriber is having more than nine mobile connections (six in the case of J&K, NE and Assam LSAs) across all the TSPs (telecom service providers), all the mobile connections will be flagged for re-verification,” news agency PTI quoted the DoT order.

However, if the number has been flagged by any law enforcement agencies or financial institution or identified as a pesky caller then the outgoing facilities will be suspended within 5 days, incoming within 10 days and complete disconnection within 15 days in case no one turns up for verification. “The said timelines shall be regularly intimated by the TSPs to the subscribers of flagged mobile connections via SMSs/IVRS/e-mail/app or any other available methods. The subscribers shall also be regularly intimated about the reason for barring of services,” the order said.

Earlier this year, DoT launched the portal called TAFCOP which is short for The Telecom Analytics for Fraud management and Consumer Protection to help users find if someone is using a SIM card issued against their Aadhaar card without their knowledge. The portal provides facilities to users by intimating subscribers about the number of connections they have. It also informs them if they have more than nine multiple connections in their name by SMS. Consumers can visit the portal and report the numbers that are no longer used by them or are required. The telecom service providers will then block or deactivate the numbers.

Meanwhile, TRAI has directed telecom operators Airtel, Jio and Vi to allow customers to port out with any prepaid or postpaid plan. The development comes after Jio, in a complaint to TRAI, said that Vodafone Idea’s new tariffs do not allow users to port to its network since the entry-level plans do not have SMS benefits.


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