Downloading torrents to get a lot easier, suggests BitTorrent creator

torrentRegardless of what the online piracy rules reads, torrent-website creators are always looking forward to making content increasingly easier for users to view or download.

In a similar effort, BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen made an announcement suggesting that its uTorrent client is set to make a transition to Internet browsers soon. He stated that users will no longer be required to install separate browser applications to download torrents.

According to TorrentFreak, Cohen has unveiled plans to move the popular client uTorrent to the web browser. The next revision of the application will run in user’s default browser, complete with a revamped interface and a significantly improved streaming experience, the report read.

The new version will also be carrying some elements from the company’s Maelstrom browser such as the ability to stream videos from torrents.

In any case, the company will have to be very careful not to force a new version onto users before they know that people are going to be happy with it, the TorrentFreak report added.

“We’re very, very sensitive. We know people have been using uTorrent for a very long time and love it. So we’re very, very sensitive to that and gonna be sure to make sure that people feel that it’s an upgrade that’s happening. Not that we’ve just destroyed the experience,” Cohen said.

“We’re going to roll it out and get feedback and make sure that people are happy with it before we roll it out to everybody,” Bram concluded.

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