The Biswanath district administration of Assam has come up with two helpline numbers to deal with the problem of drink-and-drive on New Year. The district police said the objective was to prevent accidents caused by drunken boozers. The helpline will assist in dropping drunk individuals from a New Year event to their residences.

As part of the initiative, the district administration has set up two helpline numbers and arranged vehicles for the purpose. The facility will be available on December 31.

People who think they are drunk and may risk an accident due to excessive consumption of alcohol may seek help by dialing the helpline numbers. They can request a drop home service. Ten vehicles have been assigned to different police stations in the district for this purpose.

Biswanath district Superintendent of Police (SP) Leena Doley told the media, “Everyone has the right to celebrate the night of December 31. During the celebration, if anyone gets into trouble after getting drunk and can’t come back home or can’t visit from one place to another, the police department has arranged vehicles with the help of district administration.”

“Three vehicles will be available at Biswanath police station, two vehicles each at Gohpur and Sootea police station, one each at Jinjia, Helem and Behali police station. These vehicles will be available with drivers on December 31 night,” Leena Doley said.

“Two helpline numbers have been launched for the purpose and these numbers are 9854684760 and 9954758961,” Leena Doley said.

She said the initiative was taken to reduce accidents. In Guwahati, 64 people were intercepted for drunken driving on the night of December 29. They were fined Rs 10,000 each. The Guwahati city police suspended the licenses of these people.

Following the directive of Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, police, the state transport department and excise department are jointly conducting a strict enforcement drive against drunk driving across the state.


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