East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) has approved a proposal to outsource the management and maintenance of Ambedkar Sports Complex in Trilokpuri to a private company.

Mayor of East Delhi Shyam Sundar Agarwal said he has approved the outsourcing of the complex to a company named M/s Veer Services that will have the right to operate the premises for five years which can be extended to 10 years with the approval of the commissioner and mutual consent of the parties.

The mayor said that the private company would be responsible for infrastructure development and day-to-day operations of the complex that houses two indoor badminton courts, a football ground, a cricket ground and a gymnasium.

“The outsourced company will be responsible for the maintenance, security, operation and management of the premises for the duration of the project and will pay Rs 55,750 per month to the East Delhi Municipal Corporation,” he added.

Commissioner Vikas Anand said that the company will be responsible for the maintenance, security, water and electricity on the campus, parking management, manpower and the cleanliness of the site.

He said that the land and the constructed building structure belonged to the EDMC and the company would not have any right over them.

He said that the outsourced company is free to renovate and upgrade the premises at its discretion and no amount shall be claimed from the EDMC at the end of such projects. Any renovation or up-gradation of the sports complex is required to be approved by the commissioner of EDMC, he added.

He informed that the outsourced agency will have to provide free coaching to the children studying in the primary schools of the EDMC and also allow the use of sports and related equipment available in the sports complex.

The commissioner said that the outsourced agency will have to promote physical education and sports through new programmes and develop the sports complex as an institution of excellence. He said rates for various activities can be revised at any time with the approval of the EDMC commissioner.

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