A report is published by the Washington Post related to  Elon Musk . If he owns the microblogging site in future  he plans to lay off most of twitter’s workforce.  As per reports he plans to cut 75% of the twitter staff.  But twitter has no plans to lay off it’s employees irrespective of other reports .  Many companies have announced recent hiring freezes and layoffs. But in July twitter said that eventhough  there is an economic downturn in the tech industry it had already slowed down hiring. The chances of platform becoming a risk is high to  become overrun with harmful content and spam if 75 percent of the workforce is eliminated . While both parties are engaged in a court battle over the deal this report is published. Tesla CEO agreed to buy Twitter in April but in July, Musk said he was ‘terminating’ the deal over concerns about the number of fake and spam bot accounts. In a bid to force the deal to go through the company had responded. It was with a lawsuit. After Musk agreed to purchase Twitter for $54.20 a share, the court has given both sides time till October 28. It’s to come to a settlement. If they don’t come to a settlement ther will be a trial in November.


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