The  death of five students  in the last couple of weeks  has been hitting headlines  in Tamilnadu . In  Kallakurichi  the heart wrenching cases began on July 13 . A death of class 12 student  induced much anger in that place.  Reason for students to take up such extreme measures  can  be several factors.  Educationists have pointed out that these students undergo  psychological pressure .  There  is much pressure for them from  society and  peer  group too.  Psychiatrist Dr. Abhijit Soni   interacted with  India Today. He pointed out the probable reasons for such cases.  Day by day academic pressure is on an increasing mode.  The two year covid gap  had brought much change with children.  Before covid  much interaction time was available . But during Covid  the students were caged mentally and physically both.

                    Technology was used much during Covid  and now when classes are going physical there must be pressure. Results of classes 10 and 12 declared last week lead to competition among students. He said only healthy competition is required . A thin line divides what student wants and what student gets. Irritation  and anxiety occurs when it does not take place . “We are not able to provide that kind of care for them. There are a lot of stigmas associated with mental health. We need to provide them a healthy environment for them to open. Students are shy to talk about it because they feel they might be humiliated or made fun of,” said Dr Soni.“ Schools should appoint counselors for students. It is important for them to be heard. The problem is we have expectations, but we do not listen to them. Half of the problem is solved if we listen to them,” added Dr Soni.


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