Poojan Solanki had participated in the fourth season of Love School, hosted by ex-couple Karan Kundrra and Anusha Dandekar. He not only participated in the show but also turned out to be the runner-up of the reality show with Dev Sood. Poojan and Dev were the first gay couple to do a show on national TV. As of now, Poojan is happy enjoying the pride month.

In a recent interview with Times Now Digital, the Love School 4 runner-up revealed how his parents reacted when he came out as gay to them. Not just that, Poojan also revealed how he opened up about his sexuality to his mom and dad.

Revealing how he came out as gay to his parents, Poojan said: 

“With my parents, I texted my mom and told her to tell my dad and it was so insane to say that. I did it in a very horrible way. Like I didn’t wanna face it so I knew I  was going out to my friend’s place to stay for two days. And that was the time I didn’t choose it, I was like I can’t handle this, I have to say something. It’s too long. I had come out to a lot of people. It already had been 2 years or so that my parents didn’t know about it. So I was like, I need to blurt it out. That’s what I did. And uneventfully, I had to come back home on the same day and I had to face it.”

And when he did meet his parents at home, here’s what happened:

But then, my parents didn’t know how to process the information. But they chose the best thing they could do is they did not react about it. Like they had an idea of it since a very long time but they chose to react like nothing had happened. It was pretty comforting. They just wanted to create a comfortable space for me.  So that was really heartwarming. It was pretty pleasant. They treated me like it was every other day. There wasn’t a special treatment and there wasn’t a negative treatment. There was nothing, it was like ‘ya sure’. Because my parents are like that, it was very calculative non-emotional reaction, it was very beautiful, I just enjoyed it.”

On a concluding note, Poojan revealed how he celebrated the first day of pride month. Firstly, he wished everybody on Instagram. And later, here’s what he did: “I have a group of friends with whom I decided that, on the first day of pride (month), we will be recording a video, that would be somehow beneficial to the community in some way. We made this video about celebrating our queer friendship of 10 years. Because that is something we do not see out there a lot. In queer communities, we don’t see long-lasting friendships and even normally. So, we made a video on that talking about tricks and tips and a lot of things, just to celebrate our 10 years and putting that out in the pride month.”



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