In Rajasthan , in Uttarlai Air Force station, an Air expat pilot was detained for a few hours. It was done by IAF Security personnel because he had shot the videos of the restricted aerodrome using his mobile. The pilot was on his duty to operate a charter flight to Delhi . The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has received a complaint from the IAF regarding this. The incident occurred on January 9, when 23 passengers were on board. It was a charter flight 91962. A source said “Boarding was on when the pilot , a Brazilian national , started taking videos of the air force station . It’s not known if he was shooting out of curiosity , as an aviation enthusiast or if there were other reasons . He was caught by the IAF security personnel and detained for questioning .” The Charter flight has departed to Delhi late evening which was supposed to take off around noon. It was because of the pilot’s availability . A source said “The incident has caused much consternation among the airline officials , especially with Republic Day a few weeks away”.


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