Facebook will soon make it compulsory for users to protect their accounts with two-factor authentication. The social media company is contemplating making the two factor authentication mandatory for accounts that are at a high risk of getting hacked. The list of people who fall in the high risk category includes human rights activists, journalists and government officials. Enabling two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to accounts.

Facebook will roll out the new system as a part of its enhanced security program called Facebook Protect. The program has been set up to protect the accounts of people who may be at high risk of losing their credentials to cyber criminals. The social media app is also testing the possibility of turning on the feature for all users. However, that is not happening any time soon.

“2FA is such a core component of any user’s online defense, so we want to make this as easy as possible. To help drive wider enrollment of 2FA, we need to go beyond raising awareness or encouraging enrollment. This is a community of people that sit at very critical points in public debate and are highly targeted, so for their own protection, they probably should be enabling 2FA.“ Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Security Policy at Facebook told TechCrunch about the feature.

Accounts that fall in the high risk category will have to turn on 2FA to continue using the social media app. If a user recognised by Facebook as a high risk account fails to turn on 2FA before the expiry date, he will lose access to his account. While Facebook will not block the accounts of users permanently, it would require the users to turn on 2FA to regain access to their accounts.

Facebook revealed that out of 1.5 million accounts enrolled for the Facebook Protect program, 9,50,000 accounts have already enabled 2FA. Facebook noted that it will expand two-factor authentication to more than 50 countries, including India, US, and Portugal by the end of this year.

Here is how you can enable two-factor authentication on Facebook.

— Open your Facebook account
— Go to the security and login settings and tap on Edit option
— Choose the security method that you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions.
— Tap on Finish once you are done setting up the two-factor authentication on Facebook


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