Meta, formerly Facebook Inc, opened its first stand alone office in Asia, in Gurgaon and its India Managing Director termed it as a degree of commitment the company had in India.

“It is our first stand alone office in Asia and Meta as very strong presence in Asia, and the fact that our flagship office is in India is not a coincidence. It shows the degree of commitment we have,” said Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director Meta India.

Mohan, further went on to say how the first Asian office will re-emphasis showed the work and focus which the company has in enabling entrepreneurs and creators and small business owners and with a space like this.

“We are purposefully, with unveiling of the centre for fueling new Indian economy, purposefully looking at it as a space across the platforms Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and the Facebook reality apps, and all of our products will come together in this office and work with communities outside,” he added.

Mohan further also stressed on how the agenda of Meta remained, providing an opportunity to entrepreneurs and small business creators and every single person in the country, and reducing the possibility of bad actors to do harm. “That agenda which the Minister highlighted is something with which we are strongly in line with. We agree with the agenda. As a company we are deeply investing that we will continue and in India too, we will make sure that across our policies, across investments we make in building safety and security teams, we put at the heart of it all we put the agenda of privacy and the agenda of safety and security,” he said.

Answering a question from India Today, Mohan said that India was not merely a commercial opportunity. “For us, this is a country which we believe has a huge role to play in fuelling the agenda of entrepreneurship and fueling the agenda of millions of creators who are expressing themselves and finding a global audience. Businesses that are fueling growth, we think it is a huge canvas for us to be an ally for India, for a country which is in the middle of such an economic, technological and social transformation, where technology has a huge role to play. We want to strongly make sure we are on the side of India is fuelling the agenda of expand the agenda of fueling prosperity. We have a product like reels on Instagram which India helped shape or payments on WhatsApp, which is uniquely in India. This really gives us scope to think about how to build products with India at the heart of it even as solve for the world. And even as an ally for the country, where we grow on the back of the opportunities in India while the openness of India allows us a big canvas, it also allows us to have a positive impact on the country,” he said.

On the issue of making Meta further safe and secure, especially for women, Mohan said, “There are many countries, big and small which are fueling this technology-led growth in India, we are one of them. We agree that the agenda of safety on the internet broadly and more specifically for women is an extremely important agenda. I think as we spoke about it even a few days ago, we keep introducing new products and features which enable the agenda of safety for women and that will continue. We have been for a while, since 2006, its a signal of our commiment.”


India today

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