On June 21, huge crime has been recorded with the act of brutal torture and killed two traders fenix and jayaraj in sathankulam district, Tuticorin created a huge disguise among people regarding the cruel act of police officers and gained tremendous support from celebrities, political parties , Sportsters and media people to get justice for fenix and jayaraj ,and to stop this kind of activities to happen in future by making strict rules and guidelines fro police officers in treating the citizens of nation, reports said.

This issue has now got his justice by arresting and filing murder charges on those officers who involved in fenix and jayaraj’s death. cbcid have involved and probing for further points and hints in this issue by inquiries on those five police officers. sridhar, S.I Ragu ganesh, S.I Balakrishnan, Murugan and Muthuraj are the five police officers now under cbcid custody with filed murder charges on them.

With this act of charging them for their higher offence of killing two innocent people , ensures the law is still hoping to help for the innocent peoples , even lots of evidence has been receiving day by day to make a clear charging and conclusion fro this crime issue

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