Flash News : Next CM Natrajan?

NATARAJ-RMany issues going on in Tamilnadu as OPS vs Sasikala is happening and both of them concentrating on their debate, Sasikala trying to save the MLAs not to fall in the side of OPS and OPS trying to attract all the MLAs from Sasikala side, in this situation they forgotten the situation of the People of Tamilnadu.

In this serious situation happening in Tamilnadu a MLA from mylapore named Natrajan in working in his office for the welfare of people and he’s not a prisoner in the resort also he’s not in the side of OPS he is serving the people

Former Judgen Markandeya katju said that I don’t have a good opinion on the Tamilnadu politicians but Natrajan is one of a kind and he’s always doing it well, also OPS telling that a good person and the person who’s being liked by the people should be the CM.

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