Genius movie review

Roshan, who works in IT company, is stunned by the brains of his superiors, who have been forced to work. The doctor advises that if Rosen wants to return to normaly, he should be happy or not. 

Roshan’s parenting actress Narain, and Meera Krishnan, are acting in favor of Roshan. Relative singampuli going to some new place with roshan.In modern world, the director has said that he should be able to get a child to study the subject of entertainment, including sports. At the same time, this film is a lesson for IT people’s, who have a high salary and spoil both body and mind. All in all, a fantastic picture to be seen

As a new actor, Roshan has been praised for being a good actress. Further IT worker, Roshan is perfectly fit for the role of innocent youth. An introductory actor can appreciate the way he coped with a heavy role.

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