A Glacier in Italy seems to be turning into pink color because of algae, scientists studying the phenomenon have suggested that this cause will make the ice melt faster . this pink snow has appeared at the Presena glacier in Northern Italy, Researcher Biagio Di Mauro, of institute of polar sciences at Italy’s national research council, told reporters.

when Di Mauro investigates the glacier on Saturday, “there was quite an impressive bloom of snow algae”, he said. he believes that the alga called Chlamydomonas Nivalis is responsible for the change in color of glacier snow. he also added that the spring and summer have seen low snowfall and high atmospheric temperatures which “makes the perfect environment for the algae to grow”.

This algae blooms are really a bad news for the health of the glacier as the snow will absorb more energy , which tends to melt the ice faster . “it is for sure bad for the glacier,” he said.


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