Google has been found to be collecting the highest amount of user data among all the other tech companies including Facebook, Amazon, Apple and others. As a per a new study conducted, Google tracks 39 types of private information of users. But we might soon have an app that will alert users every time Google collects their data. A developer, who goes by the name Bert Hubert has developed a new application that can alert users when their data is tracked.

Sharing the link to his application, Hubert wrote on Twitter, “I made a very very simple tool that makes some noise every time your computer sends data to Google. Here a demo on the official Dutch government jobs site. The noise starts while typing the domain name already.” However, there is a catch. The app will currently not work in your Windows computer or your smartphone because it has been designed for Linux.

As per 9to5Google, the app which is called the Googleteller works with the IP addresses provided by Google. So when the Google teller detects that your system has connected to any of these iP addresses, it will make a sound to alert you that your data is being shared with Google.

Recently a study conducted by discovered that Google collects the maximum amount of users user’s data among other tech apps, including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter and others. “Most people don’t have the time or the patience to go through privacy policies that could be multiple pages long for every site they browse. Additionally, it is unlikely that every user has any knowledge in law to fully comprehend the privacy guidelines,” a researcher from said. The researcher further revealed that all the information that Google collects is harvested its entire business model relies on it.

Out of all the tech companies, Apple was found to be the only company that stores only necessary information to maintain the accounts of users. That is because it does not rely on advertising revenue like Facebook, Google and Twitter.


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