The upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro already have a huge fan following, as indicated by the ton of leaks and rumours around the smartphones. The radical redesign has been winning hearts online long before the new Pixel’s launch, so much so that even Google has not shied away from giving us a sneak peek of the smartphones. Though that appearance was limited to images and we now have a hands-on video instead, that gives us the first real-life look at the Pixel 6 Pro.

The video, now making rounds on the internet, shows a 360-degree view of a Pixel 6 Pro handset as held by a user. At least that is what it looks like in the first go, with the design of the device exactly matching the images of the Pixel 6 Pro as seen by us before. Upon careful inspection though, you would get to know that the video in fact shows an early-production prototype of the smartphone.

The 8-second long video shows the black colour model of the Pixel 6 Pro, as has been seen in the images and ad videos by Google so far. Several shades of grey and black can be seen on the device, along with other marquees of the Pixel 6 Pro, including the triple camera bar at the back and a greeting of “Welcome to your Pixel” on the display.

The video has been shared on Twitter by M Brandon Lee and comes as our first-ever hands-on video leak of the Pixel 6 Pro. The thing to note though is the peculiar logo at the back of the smartphone. As Droid Life notes, the weird logo is an indication that the device is an early prototype of the Pixel 6 Pro. Google tends to use such logos for its under-development smartphones to keep the leaks under control. Did not work this time though.

The short video simply shows the prototype being rotated 360-degree once. Aside from what we have seen so far, not much is revealed in the hands-on video. Though it does confirm the design in a real-life setting for the first time ever. We can also have an idea of how the new Pixel 6 Pro will look like in our hands, once it reaches the international markets.

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