In Nigeria an unpleasant  incident took place on Saturday night. Local residents on Sunday said that a dozen  worshippers were kidnapped from a mosque. It even included an Imam . It took place in North of the Country by armed gangs . Communities are attacked where security is stretched.  Bandits by a common name are armed gangs who kill people or kidnap for a ransom.  The villagers to farm and harvest their crops they have  to pay protection fees. It is demanded by the gangs. A Funtua  resident Lawal Haruna told Reuters by phone.  He is from the home state of  Katsina.  The gunmen arrived in motorbikes at Maigamji mosque. Once they started shooting the worshippers had to flee for survival . The Chief Imam and 11 others were caught in the gunfire and  killed. They were attending night prayers. “They then gathered many people and took them to the bush. I’m praying that the bandits release the innocent people they abducted,” said Abdullahi Mohammed, another resident of Funtua. The attack was confirmed by Katsina state police spokesman Gambo Isah . Some worshippers were rescued by State – backed vigilantes.Few residents supported these vigilantes. Katsina shares a border with neighbour Niger. In the northwest of Nigeria one among the several states is Katsina.  The Bandits used bush camps which Nigeria military has been bombing continuously.Inspite of it attacks continue , having a question of doubt regarding the safety of voters. In February they will have to choose  Buhari’s successor.


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