GV Prakash starrer ‘Jail’ which was released on Thursday (December 9) is now under turmoil as the Madras High court has ordered to pull out the film from the cinemas and ban screening at once.

As per the reports, the court passed a judgment on December 9, asking to pull out the film – ‘Jail’ from the movie theatres and has also directed the makers to refrain from releasing the film on OTT or satellite channels without proper permission.

‘Jail’ is produced by Craigs Cine Creations and reportedly Studio Green, a Chennai-based film production and distribution company has filed a lawsuit on the same day of the movie release seeking an injunction against the release. Earlier, the makers had made an official announcement that the publishing rights of the film will go to Studio Green once all the work for the film is completed.

However, according to the petition filed by Studio Green, they have alleged that the company was given the right of another film, instead of ‘Jail’.

Directed by G Vasanthapalan, ‘Jail’ was released theatrically. The music for the movie was composed by GV Prakash.


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