Harsh Goenka, who often shares interesting posts on Twitter, posted a copy of a letter written by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to industrialist JRD Tata in 1973. Needless to mention that Harsh Goenka’s post has gone viral on social media and made netizens nostalgic.

In the typewritten letter dated July 5, 1973, Indira Gandhi thanked JRD Tata for presenting perfumes to her. She also sent greetings to his wife Thelma Vicaji Tata before signing off the letter.

“I am thrilled with the perfumes. Thank you so much. I don’t normally use perfumes and am so cut off from the ‘chic’ world that I do not even know these, but will certainly experiment with them. It was good to see you. Please do not hesitate to write or to come and see me when you want to convey any views, favourable or critical. With good wishes to you and Thelly, Yours sincerely, Indira Gandhi,” the letter reads.

“A very personal letter exchange between a powerful Prime Minister and a giant industrialist. Sheer class ,” Harsh Goenka said in the caption of his post.

Harsh Goenka’s post has gone viral on social media with around 8,000 likes and over 1,000 retweets.

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