Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sparked a row by advising one of the lawmakers of the country and his wife to have at least three children.

During a meeting with Mehmet Ali Celebi, a member of the National Assembly of Turkey who recently joined Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, and his wife, the President asked the couple about the number of children they had.

On learning that the couple had only one child, Erdogan advised the couple to have at least five to ten children and reminded them that Kurdistan Workers Party-affiliated families had 5-10 children.

“Children are very important,” Erdogan told the couple.


Erdogan has been asking his party members to have more children (at least three) and promised to financially support them in a bid to increase his party’s votes in the future. His party keeps losing supporters.

Average Kurdish families in the southeastern part of Turkey (Northern Kurdistan) have several children, but Turks in other parts of the country have only one or two children, which has alarmed Erdogan and his party, fearing that Kurds might take over in the future.

Erdogan has always been a part of controversies for advising women to have at least three children, saying a woman’s life was “incomplete” if she failed to reproduce.


India today