Imran Khan , the former PM of Pakistan is now  in Attock District jail.  When a police officer visited the prison in Punjab province , Imran Khan expressed his satisfaction as he is having a slew of new facilities. Earlier this month regarding Toshakhana corruption case he is sentenced to three years jail term . Punjab IG Prisons Mian Farooq  Nazir visited Imran on Sunday . As per jail officials the location of cameras has been checked by Nazir . It’s to ensure his privacy. According to prison law , he is provided with a prayer room, fan , a copy of Quran with English translation, books, newspaper, dates,  thermos , honey, tissue papers and perfume. To provide medical facilities to the former PM , 5 doctors have been appointed each working for eight  hours . Imran Khan gets special food after being checked by  Doctors . Imran Khan’s wife has approached the Supreme court asking to shift her husband   from  Attock jail in Punjab to Adiala prison in Rawalpindi. “My husband has been imprisoned in Attock jail without any justification. According to the law, my husband should be transferred to Adiala jail,” she said, adding that Khan should be provided B-class facilities in the prison given his social and political status. Khan was found guilty of “ corrupt practices” in the Toshakhana corruption case and so he was arrested.


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