The  netizens seem to be awestruck  whenever there is  a  photograph  or video of a tiger. The big cat roaming  around  or in a fight  with another  animal ,the videos go viral. A video of group of tigers enjoying  their time in a pond has intrigued the netizens.  Susanta Nanda, IFS  officer ( Indian Forest Officer)  shared this who often posts wildlife content.  In the video five tigers  are seen relaxing in a pond.  A  sixth one enters and sits down.  But suddenly observing something it gets up and walks away.  Success of tiger conservation in India is key to our water & food security.  Nanda said  “Our tiger reserves are source of water to billions of Indian’s as many major river originates from them”.  The clip has received more than 9000 views in six hours time. Sometimes male tigers live  a lonely life ,  so people commented about this as it  seems to be a rare occurrence.  “Curious to know this. Are our National Parks, Tiger reserves overpopulated? Is the habitat to species ratio increasing too much to sustain? Have seen too many clips where tigers generally known for solitary life living in groups,” commented a Twitter user. Nanda had posted that  tiger conservation is an important factor in  a way of protecting surrounding greenery too. For human survival all nature factors are  definitely required.


ctn author