The portable and foldable hospital called Medicab is developed by the Modulus housing solution by IIT alumni, which comprises of four zones such as a doctor’s room, an isolation room, a medical room/ward and a twin-bed ICU.

This Modulus housing solution is a IIT madras alumni start-up which found an mobile hospital which can be transferred from one place to other and an be installed within two hours just with the help of four members to create a hospital with four special rooms as already specified. The start-up is developing micro-hospitals that can be deployed rapidly across the nation.

Shreeram Ravichandran, Chief Executive Officer of Modulus Housing, said, “The outcome of this pilot project in Kerala will help in proving the applicability of the technology and advantages of micro-hospitals, with MediCAB as an instant infrastructure solution.” ” It is difficult to construct buildings from scratch as the requirement is immediate. As the rural population density is relatively low, more micro-hospitals can help greatly in tackling COVID-19 cases,” said Mr Ravichandran.

This Medicab can be used in the rural areas and communities to check and treat patients where hospitals are not available, and will also be used as micro hospital in future. Medicab is manufactured in chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu.


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